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Experts in Occupational Psychology and the science of Elite Performance

What we do

As business psychologists, we know that the right culture and behaviours drive success. Through engaging your people and customers in shaping the future we can support you to deliver exceptional results. 

Creating the right culture enables all aspects of business performance. Profitability, employee engagement, quality, safety and efficiency are all shaped by culture. We can help you to be explicit about the type of culture you are looking to create and how to build this.

We provide executive coaching based on a strong psychological foundation with a performance focus. Leaders in transition or those wanting to maximise their potential and deliver exceptional results all benefit from this individualised support

Building and maintaining high performing leadership teams is a challenge for most organisations.  We work with Boards and Executive Teams to ensure they achieve their collective potential.

We design award winning leadership development programmes. They are always bespoke and able to adapt in real time to changes in your strategy and the evolving needs of your customers.

The highest levels of productivity and customer experience come from genuine engagement. We have a deep understanding of what makes this real for employees and customers

Attracting, managing and retaining talented people remains the number one challenge for many organisations. Whether you need help developing a talent strategy or need to assess the potential of key individuals, we can help you to make this work.

Who we work with

Who we
work with

We get to work with some great businesses

America’s Cup Team

Elite sport – Elite teams know better than anyone the competitive edge to be gained from collective performance and improvement. Success in the America’s Cup is as much about innovation, risk, intelligence and technology as your skills on the water.


Start up's – Supporting a private equity funded business to transform itself from an R&D start up to a service and sales led business meant turning the existing culture on its head. It’s a brave move to turn your back on the initial steps that contributed to your success, although sometimes it’s exactly what you need to do.


Premium brands – Transforming employee and customer engagement scores in months rather than years requires a willingness to hand responsibility for innovation to the frontline, and an understanding about how positive consequences drive our behaviour.


Global businesses – When the successful transformation of a global events business hinged on the style and approach of its leadership team, we helped them by creating a series of innovative off-site experiences.  These increased their cohesion and focus as a team and enabled true alignment between executive portfolios and the global strategy.


Pharmaceutical – When the partnership between a technology company and a pharmaceutical business focussed on innovative new product development, we were brought in to support increased involvement of practitioners and users in the co-design and prototyping of new technology.

Senior Doctors – Preparing the country’s most senior doctors for the transition to the role of Royal College President requires assessment of readiness and preparation for significant adjustment. We provide these talented individuals with insight into their latent potential, underlying strengths and de-railers as part of an annual programme.
Manufacturing – maintaining an agile workforce in highly competitive and rapidly changing conditions necessitates foresight about the talents required in the future and an understanding of how to find and attract such people. Market and competency analysis enabled us to pinpoint and assess the attributes needed for tomorrow.

Health –  With Brexit looming and radical new models of care being proposed to support our changing population the health sector must find new ways of acquiring and managing talent. We have been conducting research across a number of health and social care systems to identify opportunities for multi-organisational collaboration and more effective utilisation of resources.

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